Cultivate 18 hectares of tulips

We cultivate 18 hectares of tulips in an assortment of about 15 cultivars. We grow our tulips in Southern Flevoland on heavy clay. These grounds are as they say in our industry virgin which means there have not previously been tulips. We compete on the production plan of three farmers and fruit for use as grain. By solidifying the cereal stubble, we can normally do in the first week of November planting tulips.


Cultivate 18 hectares of tulips

Spheres smaller than girth 10 cm are planted in the field. This so-called planting has sorted a total of five sizes. Each size after sorting proofread and all bulbs are counted so that we know how much we have balls of a certain size. With this data, we create a schedule of expected size and the expected yield. To protect the bulbs against these diseases are showered with water for the plants with crop protection agents therein. These ensure that the spheres are less susceptible to fungal diseases, in particular. Brandhoff, our carrier brings boxes of bulbs to the country. On land, the bulbs are placed in a predetermined order to the planting machine. The plant combination is Heyboer contractor who does the planting and harvesting work for us. The plant machine plant the bulbs at the desired density between two nets in the farmer just prepared the soil. The cultivation takes place in the soil to plow first and then make finer with the harrow. Due to the heavy soil is the term very fine relative. The soil is sometimes still includes lumps having a diameter of 15 cm. The Nets are the planting machine again covered with soil so that the tulip roots may make.

The growth process
The tulip bulb root best if the ground is ready to go, and what has fallen a nice rain shower. The roots grow from the wort el Wal the bulb out and grow the underlying ground. In the month of January is sprayed to the soil to kill weeds, and the germination of new combat weeds. We have been certified according to the standards of what MPS is an environmentally friendly way of working. We have it for years to reach the highest class with both the cultivation and breeding. Many companies that have been certified, these are only for breeding. We put only if it is necessary. In February, we scatter fertilizer for optimum growth of the sphere. In February, often the first tulips all over and these grow depending on the weather quiet until the tulips that will bloom in late April. As soon as the crop permits, we will start with the selection. First, we look at the refraction of the leaf, later we see the flower to refraction. This is important work because all the virus-diseased plants should be removed. The virus is in fact judged by the BKD, the approval authority shall evaluate all parties, in particular, virus and does so from the law. During cultivation, we ensure that the tulips have enough water for growth. If there is no rain, let plots by the respective farmers irrigate with surface water. jual bibit bunga tulip

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The grub
In late June, the first bulbs ready to be harvested. Based on the color of the bulbs and it may or may not be visible from the veins on the bulbs we make the decision if a party is going to be cleared. When the tulips are harvesting ripe, we order the contractor that will scatter the batch. The bulbs are harvested in crates which are transported to the yard with long flat wagons. From the yard of the crates by our carrier Brandhoff be brought to our company.
The bulbs are put to drywall from the truck. Here we make sure that the bulbs are dry within 24 hours. As this is the best prevention against the fungus Fusarium or “acid”. After several days, the bulbs are peeled and sorted by size. 5% of our harvest is sold to others mostly for export within Europe. The rest of the bulbs remains within the company and is prepared for forcing. The planting material is then again sorted by size and so the circle is complete again.


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